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University of Southern California students use the My USC student portal and Blackboard LMS to effectively manage their study and academic life. Let’s check out the complete details about both portals.

In this article, we are going to discuss the student portal and Blackboard LMS. Students will find the below information…

  • How students can log in and access their online accounts.
  • What services USC student portal provide to students?
  • What are the benefits of both MyUSC and the Blackboard portal?
  • How to recover a student account?
  • What are the guidelines and requirements that every student must know?

If you are also looking for the above information then please read below.

There are many online tools available these days that help universities and schools to provide necessary services and functionalities to their students. Student portals, Learning Management Systems, Single Sign On, etc are a few examples of these types of helpful tools.

The University of Southern California has also digitized its services and offers the MyUSC student portal to all students and it also got a Blackboard license to provide an online learning facility to students and teachers.

Let’s check out more details below.

MyUSC Student Portal Login – University of Southern California

The University Of Southern California has provided many online tools, web portals, and services to its students to easily complete their program. MyUSC student portal is the best example of these types of online tools.

It provides all the required services and academic information to students that students can access after logging into their accounts.

Students can access the USC Library, Blackboard, online tuition & fee payment service, and class registration through Web Registration. website academic page

The MyUSC online portal is available for everyone including students, staff, and faculty, and provides a variety of helpful campus resources.

Students can also customize their home page as per their specific requirements.

Some of the important services students can access through the MyUSC portal are…

  • Library service
  • Update profile, address information, etc.
  • Get a verification of your enrollment, GPA, or degree.
  • Find out if there is any hold on your account.
  • Register, Add, and drop classes.
  • Find the class schedule.
  • Find registration and fee information.
  • Online bill payment.

How do I log into MyUSC?

To Log In, visit the MyUSC portal at, enter your USC NetID in the username field and password in the password field, and click the Login button.

MyUSC Login requirements:

Before login, students must follow a few basic guidelines as mentioned below.

  • Students must have enrolled in a course offered by USC.
  • Students must have activated their NetID account.
  • A secure and trusted device will be required.
  • A modern web browser must be installed on the device.
  • A high-quality internet connection is also required at the time of login.

Follow the steps below to log in to myUSC.

  1. Visit the University of Southern California website.
  2. Open the MyUSC portal.
  3. Enter your login credentials.
  4. Access your account.

Let’s have a look at the complete information about each step.

Step 1. Visit the University of Southern California website.

Open your web browser on your device and visit the official website of the University of Southern California at

Step 2. Open the MyUSC portal.

  1. On the official website, click the Menu option at the top right corner.
  2. In the menu, click the MyUSC link.
MyUSC link on menu
  1. MyUSC login page will appear on the screen. login page

Step 3. Enter your login credentials.

  1. In the login form, enter your USC NetID and password.

Step 4. Access your account.

Finally, Click the Login button to access your account.

What is USC NetID?

USC NetID also known as Shibboleth or enterprise account is your centralized access to all USC tools, applications, and resources through a secure gateway. Every student, faculty, and staff gets a USC NetID.

After enrollment, students can use their NetID ([email protected]) to log in to different single sign-on applications such as wireless networks, MyUSC, Blackboard, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Trojan Time, and Workday.

Few USC applications are managed through local tools developed by some USC schools and departments and do not depend on the USC NetID.

How to activate NetID?

If you are a new student then first you will have to activate your NetID account. Please check the below steps.

  1. Visit the USC NetID web page at and click the ‘Activate your USC NetID‘ link. OR
  2. Visit portal and click ‘Activate New Account‘ OR
  3. Visit the USC NetID activation page directly at
USC NetID activation page
  1. Enter your 10-digit USC ID number (written on your USC card) and date of birth.
  2. Click the ‘Find your USCnet ID‘ button.
  3. Complete the activation process with the help of on-screen instructions.

How to recover NetID?

In case a student forgets the NetID then self-service recovery options are available for students. Please check the below steps to recover your user ID.

  1. Visit website and click the Forgot NetID link OR
  2. Visit the NetID recovery page directly at
USC NetID recovery page
  1. Enter your 10-digit USC ID number (written on your USC card) and date of birth.
  2. Search your NetID by clicking the ‘Find your USCnet ID‘ button.

How to reset the NetID password?

Please check the NetID password reset process if you forget it.

USC NetID password reset page
  1. Enter your Username (USC NetID) and 10-digit USC ID number.
  2. Click the Reset your password link.
  3. On the next screen, reset your password by using the authentication method you have set up for your account such as authentication through a security code on the Duo mobile app.

Is USC using the 2-factor authentication?

Enrolling in two-factor authentication is mandatory for all students at the University of Southern California. The university recommends using the Duo mobile app to set up two-factor authentication. For more information about how to enroll and set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication, please visit

After enrolling, students will have to authenticate their login through a notification they will receive from the Duo mobile app.

USC Blackboard Login

The University of Southern California is using the Blackboard Learning Management System for its students to provide digital classes and course information. Blackboard helps connect a course to all classes.

Students can use a variety of Blackboard LMS services such as course sharing, secure communication with other students and faculty, access quizzes surveys, online tests, participate in discussions, find grades, etc.

Zoom class meetings are also accessible through Blackboard. Only registered students and faculty can access their Blackboard accounts if they have the proper authorization.

If you have enrolled in any course at the University of Southern California then you access your course and classes by logging into your Blackboard account. There are multiple ways to do that. Please check below.

Access Blackboard through the MyUSC Portal:

  • Students can log in to their MyUSC accounts and access Blackboard by clicking the link Or
  • Visit your class through MyUSC and you will be redirected to the Blackboard class dashboard page.

Direct USC Blackboard Login:

If students facing any issues accessing Blackboard through the MyUSC portal then students can visit the Blackboard USC portal and access their accounts.

  1. Visit the Blackboard portal at
  2. Click the Sign in using your USC NetID button.
  3. On the USC Single Sign On page, enter your USC Net ID and password.
  4. Verify your identity by using the Duo Mobile Security.
  5. After the identity verification, you will be directed to Blackboard.

Note: To access the Blackboard account, students must have an activated NetID account.

Blackboard login through the BB Student App:

Students can also download the Blackboard Student app and access their account on the go. The USC Blackboard app comes free of cost with a Blackboard license and all students can download it and use it on their smartphone.

Students will have access to important information such as.

  • Check the latest updates related to your courses and content.
  • Take assignments and tests through the mobile app.
  • View course, assignment, test grades, etc.

Download the app through the below links.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidBlackboard Learn Android8.8.1
iOSBlackboard Learn iOS8.8.2

After downloading is finished, open the app on your device and search for your institute. After that login to your account by entering your login credentials.

Student Helpline

All students who are facing any type of technical issue related to USC applications such as MyUSC, NetID, Zoom, etc, Please call the USC Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or send an email to [email protected].

Students can also create a support ticket after logging in to their MyUSC account.

Blackboard support:

In case of any type of issue while accessing the Blackboard application or while using it, please contact the USC’s Blackboard Support team through below phone numbers below.

  • Students: (213) 740-5555 — press 1, 2
  • Faculty: (213) 740-5555 — press 2, 2

Students can also send an email to [email protected] or use the USC Blackboard Live Chat facility.

University of Southern California
New & Continuing USC Students
Undergraduate USC Admission
Graduate Admission

About the University of Southern California

The University of Southern California USC is an innovative private research university that was started in 1880 with a total of 53 students and 10 teachers. Currently, the University is managing 50,000+ students through 4,400 full-time faculty.

As per the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education 2022 rankings, USC ranked at 19th place among more than 1,000 public and private universities.

USC offers different programs that are categorized as

  • Majors & Minors
  • Graduate & Professional
  • Postdoctoral Programs
  • Pre-College Programs

As per the freshman class data (Fall 2023), 8,094 students were admitted to USC out of a total of 80,808 applications received for the 2023-2024 academic year.

USC is also popular internationally and 13,056 students were admitted in Fall 2022. USC awarded 5,424 Bachelor’s degrees and 12,393 Advanced degrees in Fall 2022. 2023-24 Undergraduate tuition estimated cost is around $66,640.

2022-2023 statics:

Total number of undergraduates students21,000
Total number of graduate and professional28,500
Total number of student49,500
Number of full-time Faculty4,624
Staff (50 percent time or more)17,216
Student workers (does not include teaching/research assistants)8,225


Name of the portalUniversity of Southern California Student Portal and Blackboard
Offered byUniversity of Southern California
Developed forUniversity of Southern California Students
Access modeOnline
PurposeTo provide online learning and academic information-sharing systems to students
BeneficiaryAll enrolled students in the University of Southern California

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my Library?

USC Library is accessible through the MyUSC student portal. Students can log in to their accounts and find helpful resources such as the HOMER catalog, live chat with USC librarians, course reserves, library news, Web browser extension tools, and more. 

How do current students update their addresses?

Current USC students can log in to their USC student portal and update their profile and current address. Please follow the below steps.

-Visit the MyUSC portal and log in to your account.
-After login, visit the myServices and click on Experience USC.
-Access My Profile through the profile link in the top right corner.
-Check your address and update it if it is incorrect.
-Click the Save button

How do I request a verification of my enrollment, degree, or GPA?

If you are a student enrolled in the Univesity of Southern California then you can verify your enrollment, degree, GPA, etc through your student portal.

Please follow the below steps.

-Visit the MyUSC portal and log in to your account.
-Click the OASIS option.
-Select “Record Ordering Services” on the gold-colored bar.
-Finally, click the Official Enrollment Verification, either in electronic (PDF) or paper formats.

The verification will provide the below information to students.

Enrollment History
Enrollment Status
Class Level
Current degree objective (if any)
Units attempted by the term
USC degrees earned
Expected Graduation Date
Date the verification was generated

How to check current holds on my account that will block my registration?

There are various reasons the University can hold your account. For more information and to check your current hold, please follow the below steps.

-Visit my USC portal and log in to your account by entering your USC Net ID and password.
-Click on OASIS.
-Click on Restrictions.

You will find the activity restriction code, description, and contact information.

How to add and drop a course?

USC students can easily add and drop a course through the student portal. Please follow the below steps.

Add a course:

-Login to MyUSC portal.
-Click the Web Registration.
-Select schools/departments and click the Add to myCourseBin button next to the class you want to register for. 
-Click on the myCourseBin link in the Navigation bar to view your selected course.
-Click the Register button and click the Submit button.

Drop a course:

-Visit the MyUSC portal and log in to your account.
-Click on Web Registration.
-Click on the myCourseBin link in the Navigation bar.
-Find the course you want to drop and click the Unschedule icon.
-Remember that for a course that includes a lecture, discussion, and/or quiz, you must Unschedule all sections associated with the course.
-Click on the Drop button.
-Click on the Submit button.

Where can I view my class schedule?

Checking your class schedule is a great way to start your program. Students can check their schedules through their student portal. Please follow the below steps.

-Visit the MyUSC student portal and enter your NetID and password to log in.
-Click on OASIS.
-Select the Registered Course List.

How to register for classes?

If you are enrolled in the University of Southern California then you will have to register for your classes through the MyUSC portal. Please follow the below steps.

-Login to MyUSC porta.
-Click the Web Registration icon.
-Complete the class registration process.

Please note that all restriction holds on your account must be cleared before Web registration.

How can I get a copy of my Fee details and registration summary?

Students can log in to their MyUSCportal and find the fee information and registration-related summary.

After login, visit your profile section and find information about the courses you are enrolled in, along with tuition and fee information. You can also download this information as valid proof wherever applicable.

How can I view and pay my bill online?

Students can pay their tuition and other fee through portal. The easiest way to pay bills is by accessing the through the MyUSC portal. Please follow the below steps.

-Visit the MyUSC portal and log in to your account.
-After login, select the service and make an online payment.

Benefits of allows students to access the below services/information

-Check your account balance
-Confirm your due date
-Check billing statements and transaction details.
-Set up ACH payments, wire transfers, and web checks.
-Enrolled in a payment plan, etc.

Why my course is not available in my Blackboard account?

There are several reasons for this if you don’t find your courses in your Blackboard account.

i. Your instructor did not unlock the courses for you.
ii. You are checking your courses within 24 hours of registration.
iii. You have previously dropped a course by yourself. It will not come into your account automatically.

Please contact the Blackboard support team.

Getting access to your online student portal and Learning Management System is not that tough if you are following the correct procedure. The University of Southern California provides all possible helpful tools and applications that help students access information and academic services and make students’ lives easy.

We have shared step-by-step tutorials to access different University applications such as MyUSC, Library, Blackboard, etc in this article. We have also shared how to recover your student account.

We hope you find this article helpful. Please share this article if you got any type of help through it.

Finally, thanks for visiting this website.

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