My GCCISD Student, Parent, Employee Portal login 2023

In this article, you will find key information about GCCISD Student Portal, Parent Portal, and Employee portal Login, account recovery, and registration. Check all important information and the latest updates.

We are also sharing the services and features of these online portals offered by Goose Creek Independent School District and step-by-step easy procedures to access different services including troubleshooting steps and tips.

Online portals have become a necessary tool for educational institutions due to their functionalities and easy communication medium. By using different types of portals, universities, colleges, or schools can communicate securely with their students, parents, and employees.

Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District (GCCISD) has also developed different online portals for students, parents, and employees. Let’s check out more information below about these portals.

My GCCISD Student Portal Login Process

GCCISD student portal is an online web-based system that was developed by the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District to provide student-related services and information to its students.

Students can log in to their online account and access different services and academic and financial information such as classes and schedules, grades, assignments, the latest news about the school district, announcements, etc.

How to log in to my student account?

Visit the student portal at, click the Login button, enter your user ID and password, and press the Sign On link.

The student Login process consists of the below simple steps.

  1. Open the student portal web page.
  2. Open the login page.
  3. Enter login credentials.
  4. Access student account.

Step 1: Open the student portal web page.

First of all open the official student portal web page. The student portal is accessible at URL.

Step 2: Open the login page.

On the GCCISD student portal web page, you will see the Sign In link under the existing User section (as shown below).

GCCISD student portal web page

If you are already enrolled in any school of GCCISD then click the Sign In button.

Step 3: Enter login credentials.

After clicking the Sign In link, a student login page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

GCCISD student portal login page

Enter your user ID and password in this login form.

Step 4: Access student account.

Finally, click the Sign On button to access your student portal account.

Alternate student login page:

Students can also use the below alternate login links.

GCCISD Parent Portal Login Process

The GCCISD parent portal is specifically developed for parents of children who are enrolled in the GCCISD or who want to enroll their kids. The parent portal provides all the essential features and services that a parent requires. Parents can also submit the new student enrollment application online through the parent portal.

How to log in?

To log in, visit the GCCISD parent portal web page at, select the existing user sign-in option, enter your user ID and password, and press the Sign On button.

The Parent Portal login steps are given below.

  1. Open the GCCISD Website.
  2. Open the Parent Portal.
  3. Open the Login Page.
  4. Enter the Parent’s Login Credentials.
  5. Access Parent account.

Let’s check out the complete details of each login step.

Step #1 Open the GCCISD Website.

The Goose Creek Independent School District official website is accessible at Click this link to open the GCCISD homepage.

Step #2 Open the Parent Portal.

To open the parent portal, click the Parent Portal link located under the Students & Parents menu item. The parent portal web page will appear on the screen.

GCCISD parent portal web page

Step #3 Open the Login Page.

To open the parent login page, click the Existing Users – Please Sign In link on the top left side image or click the Sign In link under the existing user section at the bottom right side.

Step #4 Enter the Parent’s Login Credentials.

You will see the parent login page similar to the below image.

GCCISD parent portal login page

Now enter the parent account user ID and password in this login form. Please ensure the accuracy.

Step #5 Access Parent account.

The last step is to click the Sign On button. If the login credentials are correct then you will see your parent account dashboard page.

Parent portal alternative links:

Please try the below links if the above link is currently not working.

Account Recovery

How to recover the user ID?

If you forgot your ID then you can not recover that through the self-service options. Please contact the student’s campus and ask for help to recover your user ID.

How to reset the password?

If you have forgotten your password then there is a self-service option available for the parents. Parents can click the “Forgot Password” link to get an email including a password link. Once you receive a link, click that link to create a new password.

Parent Portal Dashboard Features and Services

After login, parents will be redirected to the My Students tab on their dashboard page. There are many useful services that parents can access through their dashboard page as mentioned below.

My Students – Check out student activity in this tab. If there is more than one student then you will have to select your student to view their information.

Attendance – You can check the attendance of your students in this tab including information about absences or tardies.

Report Cards – Check out the grades of your student in this tab. You can also check the assignments after clicking the grades link. Grades displayed in red are current averages based on assignment grades entered to date. These are not final grades. NG indicates no grades have been entered.

Progress Reports – you can see your final grades in this tab which shows in black color. Grades in red are not final and NG means no grades.

Email Teacher – This section allows parents to send a secure email to student teachers for different subjects.

Edit Contact Info – Find your current contact information in this tab. Parents can edit their contact information. It is advised to update the currently working phone number and email address in this section.

Notifications – Find important notifications related to Attendance, Daily Assignments, Grades, etc. in this tab. Parents can customize these notifications as per their specific requirements.

Discipline – If there is any offense or Disciplinary action on the student then that information will be available in this tab along with the number of Days Assigned.

Immunization – This test shares the current immunization status of the student that is available in the school record.

Testing – If your student has completed the state tests then you can find the test score in this tab.

Parents can click any tab to find the related information.

How do Employees and students log in to the MyGC Portal?

Employees/students/staff can visit the MyGC Portal web page to access all available applications. Please follow the below steps.

For employees:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click the MyGC Portal link in the Employee menu item.
  • You will find the ClassLink Launchpad login page on the screen (as shown below).
MYGC ClassLink Portal login page
  • Enter your Username and Password and click the Sign In button.

For students:

  • Students can navigate to ‘Students & Parents’ -> ‘MyGC Portal‘ from the top menu.

GCCISD is using the ClassLink to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) facility to its employees, students, and staff. The main benefit of Classlink is that you can access all the applications through the Classlink dashboard page with a single login.

You can access your digital resources, learning materials, student and employee-related services and applications, etc. The system does not store any student personal information and offers a secure medium to access GCCISD applications.

If you forgot your class link password then visit the password reset page at

What is the Enrollment Process for a New Student?

All new students can register online and complete the enrollment process by providing all required student details and uploading the relevant documents.

After the online registration, students must contact the campus registrar to schedule an appointment to complete the enrollment process.
Required documents:

The below documents will be required to complete the enrollment process of a new student.

  • Parent identification (TDL, ID, or Passport)
  • Birth certificate (Child)
  • Social Security Card (Child) if available
  • Immunization record (Must be current for Pre-K)
  • Proof of residency (current water, gas, electric bill, or lease agreement)
  • Pre-K Only – Proof of income (must have four consecutive paychecks with the last one being July. If you receive TANF or SNAP must have your current Notice of Eligibility Letter)

How to register online?

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. From the top menu, navigate to Students & Parents -> Registration -> Register Online.
  3. On the next page, please read all the instructions and guidelines and click the “Click Here to Begin Student Registration” link.
  4. Complete the registration process with the help of the on-screen instructions.

Student Helpline

For any kind of technical support related to any application, please call at 281-420-4633. For any other support, please visit and find all contact numbers.

GCCISD website
Launchpad Classlink login page
School Calendar
School Hours
Campus Locations


The Goose Creek Independent School District was started in 1919 in the tri-cities of Pelly, Goose Creek, and Baytown. Currently, GCCISD is managing around 24,000 students through 29 schools. Out of 29 schools, there are six high schools (three traditional high schools; two specialty high schools; and one alternative high school), six junior high schools, and 16 elementary schools. Two new schools Pumphrey Elementary School and Liles Early Learning Academy have recently opened.

GCCISD is also very important for the community as it provides great employment opportunities apart from educational services. As of now, around 4,000 employees are working to manage all 29 school operations.


Name of the portalGCCISD Student/Parent Portal
Offered byGoose Creek Consolidated Independent School District
Developed forStudents Parents and Employees
Access modeOnline
PurposeTo provide essential tools and services
BeneficiaryAll students, parents, and employees associated with GCCISD

We have shared student login, parent login, account recovery, and new student registration process in this article. Getting access to the student and parent portal is very easy if you follow the correct step-by-step process given in this article. If you want to take advantage of the all beneficial technological services offered by Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District then complete the enrollment process for your child.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. Please consider sharing this article if you get any help.

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