Canvas LCISD Classlink Login 2023: Easy and Secure Access

Check out the key information about the ClassLink and the LCISD Canvas portal login of (Lamar Consolidated Independent School District). Access easy account access, recovery, and troubleshooting steps.

If you are studying in the LCISD or planning to get admission then you may check the latest and updated information about the Canvas and Classlink portals that the District offers to students and parents. We are also sharing the step-by-step guide below. Please have a look.

Online learning is getting a lot of popular these days due to the flexibility and easy access to study resources. Most of the Universities have already adopted digital channels to offer access to online classrooms to students.

LCISD has also got the license from Instructure to provide an online learning facility through its LMS ‘Canvas’.

LCISD Canvas Login

LCISD is using the Canvas portal to help students by providing convenient access to learning resources and study materials. It’s an online Learning Management System that has been designed to solve students’ problems by offering a digital learning medium.

Lamer CISD Canvas Guide

All students who enrolled in LCISD got their login credentials at the time of admission. Teachers also got their login credentials and can log in to Canvas and access teacher-specific accounts.

After login, teachers can use the built-in tools to design a customized video course, quizzes, and assignments and upload them on the Canvas portal. Students can log in to their accounts and access all the study materials uploaded by their teacher.

Let’s check out how to access the Canvas portal.

How to access the Canvas LCISD Student Login Portal?

There are different ways to access the Canvas portal. Students can use any one option to get access to their learning hub.

  • Access Through Classlink.
  • Direct URL Access.
  • Access Through Mobile App.
  • Access Through Instructure Website.

Let’s check out the login process of all the different methods to access the Canvas platform.

First of all, we must have an idea about the Classlink.

Classlink is a single sign-on facility that offers access to multiple applications through a single login. Once you log in to Classlink, you will see a list of all the applications connected with the Classlink SSO tool.

Now students can click on any application to log in directly without entering the login credentials. This way it works like a single point of accessing the connected applications.

Please note that the Classlink SSO facility is available for LCISD students only and they can access a variety of applications such as Canvas, MackinVIA, online databases, and much more.

Students get their login credentials to Classlink at the time of enrollment.

Browser requirements:

As per the official guidelines, LCISD recommends using Google Chrome web browser when accessing Canvas or ClassLink. Students may face issues with Internet Explorer and Safari. You may also use the Firefox.

To log in, visit the LCISD website, click the Classlink link in the top bar, enter your LCISD Username and password, and click the Sign In button. You will get instant access to your account.

Students can follow the below simple steps.

  1. Visit the LCISD website.
  2. Click the ClassLink link located in the top bar.
  3. On the next page, you will see a login page (as shown below).
LCISD ClassLink Login page
  1. Now enter your District username and password in this login form.
  2. Finally, click the Sign In button to access your account.

Once you have logged in to your ClassLink account, you will see the ClassLink dashboard page (as shown below).

Canvas Link on the LCISD ClassLink app screen

As you can see in the above image, students can access a lot of applications that Lamar CISD offers to them. To Access the Canvas LMS, Click the Canvas link in the app lists.

If you are using the Chrome browser then you will get a pop-up to install the ClassLink Chrome extension (as shown below).

ClassLink extension not find pop up

ClassLink browser extension is required for single sign-on. Click the Install Extension button to install it. After that, you will be redirected to your Canvas account dashboard page (as shown below).

LCISD Canvas Dashboard page

You will see a list of all the courses. Later you can customize your dashboard as per our preference.

Access LCISD Canvas through Direct Login

Students can also access their Canvas account directly without using the ClassLink.

To log in, visit the LCISD Canvas login page, enter your District username and password, and click the Sign In button. You will get immediate access to your account.

We are further simplifying this through step by step process.

Canvas Login Steps:

  1. Open the LCISD Canvas Login Page.
  2. Enter Your Login Credentials.
  3. Access Your Account.

Please check the details of each step given below.

Step 1: Open the LCISD Canvas Login Page.

First of all, visit the Canvas portal login page by clicking the link. It will be redirected to the LCISD login page of the Instructure website (as shown below).

LCISD Instructure login page

You can also visit this page directly at

Step 2: Enter Your Login Credentials.

Enter your username and password in this login form and ensure accuracy while typing.

Step 3: Access Your Account.

Now access your canvas account by clicking the Sign In button. You will be logged in and redirected to your account dashboard page.

Canvas LCISD Mobile App Login

Instructure who developed the Canvas LMS has also developed a mobile app to access the Canvas account through smartphone. All students can search the app on the Play Store and Android Store and download the app.

Students can also click the direct links given below to download the official Canvas mobile app. Click the iOS or Android link as per your mobile device.

PlatformDownload linksCurrent version
AndroidClick here6.26.1
iOSClick here6.23.1

How to Login into the mobile app?

  1. After installing the app, Open the app by Tapping the Canvas Student icon.
  2. After that, Tap the Find My School button and search for your School/District name (LCISD OR Lamar CISD).
  3. Tap the District name to open the login page.
  4. Enter login credentials to access Canvas from the mobile app.

Key features of the mobile app:

After login to the Canvas app, students can access different services and information as mentioned below.

  • Canvas courses – Access your courses anytime anywhere. Students can navigate to their course contents.
  • Grades – View your grades and check your current performance.
  • Assignments – View your assignments and submit your new assignments through the app.
  • Calendar – Manage your courses with the help of the to-do list and calendar and keep track of your performance.
  • Secure message – Send secure messages to teachers and students and ask your questions.
  • Discussions – Take part in the discussions and share your views and feedback.
  • Video access – Watch educational videos related to courses directly through the app.
  • Quizzes – Students will have access to quizzes that they can solve in the app.
  • Push notification -Students will receive important push notifications related to grades, assignments, course updates, etc.

Access Lamer CISD Canvas through the Instructure website

The Instructure website provides functionality to search for the Canvas login URL for all partner schools/districts. This facility is very helpful for students if somehow they forget their login credentials. Please follow the below steps to find your LCISD Canvas login.

  1. Visit the Instructure website
  2. Click the Canvas link under the Login menu item in the top right corner.
  3. On the next page, Type Lamar CISD in the search form on the right side.
  4. A link to open the Canvas login page will be shown (as shown below).
LCISD Canvas login URL search on Instructure website
  1. Click this link to open the login page.
  2. After that login by entering your username and password.

LCISD Canvas Features and Services

Students will have access to a variety of canvas features, tools, and services through their canvas account dashboard page. All students can access the below services.

Profile update: Manage your profile, edit, and update your contact information, upload a profile pic, etc. through your Canvas account.

Manage notifications: Manage your email and text-based notifications as per your preference. Notifications are available under the settings link in your account.

Access calendar: You can click the Calendar link to view important events and information. Manage your calendar as per your own preference and look.

Course: Your courses are available under the course menu. Click any course name to view its content and other information.

Announcements: Check out important announcements related to your courses in this section.

Discussions: Students can open the discussion menu and take participation in the discussions.

Assignments: The assignment link is available in the course navigation. Click the Submit Assignment button to submit the assignment that your teacher has allowed you to submit.

Grades: Click the Grades link and access your grades. You can click the Grades link in the Course Navigation.

Canvas LCISD Student Helpline

Please download the Canvas Parent Support Representative PDF file that includes the contact number and email address of support professionals. Contact a representative for your campus and ask your questions.

For more information related to Canvas, Please visit the LCISD Canvas resource page.

LCISD Website
LCISD Calendar
Enrollment & Transfers
Skyward Family Access
Financial Aid
School Hours


Lamar Consolidated Independent School District is a Rosenberg, TX-based school district that was started in 1947 and is popular for its small campus size to put all the efforts into student education. Their high school enrollment numbers are less than 2000. Lunar CISD has 48 school campuses for

  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • Junior Highs
  • High Schools

and special site including 3 schools and 1 program.

As per the 2023 demographic study by Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), the total number of enrollment is given below.

ClassNo. of Enrollments


Name of the portalLCISD Canvas Portal
Offered byLamar Consolidated Independent School District
Developed forStudents studying at Lamar CISD
Access modeOnline
PurposeTo provide an online learning platform to all Lamer CISD students
BeneficiaryAll enrolled students in LCISD

Getting access to your Canvas account is very easy. We have shared step-by-step processes to help students securely access their learning resources and focus on their studies. We have shared all the different methods to access Canvas. Whether you are accessing through ClassLink, through a mobile app, or through direct access, all processes are very simple.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. We hope you find the information whatever you were looking for. Please consider sharing this article if you get any help.

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